Here are some answers to some questions that come up often. If you don't see an answer to your question please contact us at info@monkeyswork.com


Do you sell anything else besides t-shirts?Right now it's still just t-shirts but we plan on adding limited edition hats and hoodies in the fall.

I want a design on a different color shirt or hoodie, can you do that?
Yup! We can add any design to any accessory or clothing or even just as a poster! There is an additional charge to customize a design so be sure to contact us about ordering a unique version of one of our designs.


My chapter needs rush/recruitement shirts, do you do custom designs? How much would it be?We'd be happy to do any kind of custom designs for any kind of organization (not just Greek life!). The cost is all dependent on what you're looking for. Something on the simpler end of the specturm (like the Japanese shirt) would be about $75. Complicated designs or front/back designs range from $125-200. Once a custom design is created it's yours to do with what you want! So printing can be done by either Monkey's Work (for an additional fee) or by your own screen printer.


Can I add my name or line number to a shirt?
Shirt customization with names and numbers is a service we plan on adding soon.


I don't see my Fraternity/Soriority, what gives?Sorry about that! We're continually rolling out new organizations based on demand/request so if you don't see yours yet stay tuned or give us a shout at info@monkeyswork.com


What happens when a shirt sells out?
Well once we run out of a shirt that's it! Since we're not located in a warehouse, storage space is limited so each design is limited edition. If something sells out and you'd still like it, special orders can be made for an additional cost.