More Rush/Recruitment Week Activities!

Posted by Kayla on 8th Sep 2014

There are tons of ways to get the word out about your chapter and distinguish yourself from the other Greek organizations on campus. I covered some activities that I have seen work in the past an … read more

Get the Most from your Rush T-shirt

Posted by Kayla on 5th Aug 2014

Rush t-shirts (or Recruitment t-shirts depending on your organizations rules) are an important tool in creating a buzz and awareness around your organization. A good shirt is the first step in finding … read more

How to Select a Rush Theme

Posted by Kayla on 31st Jul 2014

Choosing a Rush theme can be a difficult task. It is the cornerstone of Rush week and needs to be clear, concise, and say something about your Fraternity or Sorority - not easy!Rush themes can include … read more