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More Rush/Recruitment Week Activities!

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There are tons of ways to get the word out about your chapter and distinguish yourself from the other Greek organizations on campus. I covered some activities that I have seen work in the past and after giving it some more thought realized there are tons of other ideas that either slipped my mind! Here are some more ideas from that list that can work for your Fraternity or Sorority.

BBQ or Beach Day
I don't know how this one missed the first list! It was at my chapter's BBQ/cook-out that I met my big for the first time and she decided to take me on as a little. Get the Brothers or Sisters to cook up some food in either the common area of campus, a local park, or the beach. Volleyball, football, kickball/dodgeball games should be set-up to get everyone moving and having fun as well. Family holidays typically take place around the dinner table and for good reason. It's a great way to catch up with everyone and learn more about what's going on in their lives in addition to proving to be a great way to see who fits in with everyone the best.

"Sell" Yourself or Something Else
Not literally. Although service actions can be a great fundraiser. This activity would require recruits/rushes to practice their elevator speech and see how comfortable they are in front of a group of people. It can also be set-up as a sell something event where each rush is asked to present a product or service (real or imaginary) to a panel. Similar in style to the show "Shark Tank" (or "Lion's Den") at the end the people with the best pitches can receive prizes.

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