Rush Week Activities

Posted by Kayla on 21st Aug 2014

Thinking of things to do for Rush Week that will allow the Sisters or Brothers to meet potential pledges can be a tricky situation. Activities need to be engaging, fun, and allow for plenty of socialization while also showing what your Fraternity or Sorority generally likes to do (besides party). I have been advising Greek life organizations for over six years and have seen plenty of successful events and a lot of failures too. Here are some of the events that have been great experiences for both rushes and Greeks.

Speed Socializing
This event is low maintenance, takes little preparation, and is both fun and an effective way of getting to know the rushes. Make sure that you have this event in a classroom or area where the chairs can be arranged into circles - doing this in a lecture hall with fixed chairs and desks does not work! Allow Brothers/Sisters to split themselves up into groups of 4 or 5 and randomly separate rushes into groups of 4-6 as they arrive. Encourage the Brother/Sisters to come up with a topic or game for their group. Topics like favorite ice cream, dream job, hobbies, and what-if's work well. Questions like "If you were a superhero/fruit/animal what kind of superhero/fruit/animal would you be?" are a great way to get to know a rush's character and see if they will fit into your Fraternity/Sorority. Games can be things like the name game, watermelon, letter games, etc. Anything that gets everyone out of their shell and having fun!

Resume Workshop
The job market is a scary place these days. With a family like a Fraternity or Sorority everyone wants to make sure that they can be successful and become role models for future generations. A resume workshop is a great activity for current Brothers/Sisters and rushes. It gives them an opportunity to talk about what they want to do in the future, talk about classes and majors, as well as get a better idea for the personal interests of each rush. If you're not sure about running an event like this on your own reach out to your college's career development center. They will have plenty of tips and information on what makes a good resume and are often willing to do the event with you. Most importantly a resume workship ensures that when it comes time to apply for summer jobs and internships everyone is prepared and representing your Fraternity or Sorority in a professional manner.

Bowling or Karaoke
Group activities are a great way to start bonding with people. The best ones are the ones with a lot of down time to allow Brother/Sisters and rushes to sit around and get to know each other better. Chatting between frames in bowling, playfully teasing each other about gutter balls, and competing to see who is the winner is what makes bowling a strong choice for an activity. Karaoke has the same opportunities to sit around and get to know each other while also being a great way to break the ice and let rushes get a little silly by singing their favorite songs.

Community Service Event
Community Service is another great group activity. It gives civic minded rushes/recruits an idea of what the chapter does outside of socializing with each other. Working together to accomplish a common task will also show how well everyone may (or may not!) work with each other. There are generally plenty of places in your university's local neighborhood that are looking for volunteers at all time of the year too. Look for soup kitchens, retirement homes, and local charity events to help out with. Or if your chapter sponsors highway cleanup you can make your annual cleanup during rush/recruitment week.