How to Select a Rush Theme

Posted by Kayla on 31st Jul 2014

Choosing a Rush theme can be a difficult task. It is the cornerstone of Rush week and needs to be clear, concise, and say something about your Fraternity or Sorority - not easy!

Rush themes can include one or all of the following:

  • Current event
  • Parody of popular brands, technology or app
  • Fraternity or Sorority motto
  • Movie Quote or Pop Culture reference
  • General phrase or saying regarding Greek life

Let's breakdown the pros and cons of each.

Current Events: Themes like the World Cup, sports championship, or the Olympics can work out well if they are done right. With each you'll want to follow the theme that was chosen for the actual event as well as the font styling used for the event on your rush advertisements. Tying it back to Greek life can be difficult. 

Parody of Popular Brands, Technology or Apps: Styling a shirt after a popular gadget, brand, or app can be a lot of fun. In this case your shirts, posters, etc would follow the same coloring, theme, font, etc. as an app or gadget. Examples are Twitter, Instagram, Coca-Cola, Pringles, beer brands, Windows, iPhone, and Android. The hard part of this theme is coming up with a slogan to match the gadget you selected and tie it into rush week. Creating a parody of the brands existing slogan is a popular way of integrating the brand into the messaging for your Greek organization.

Frathernity or Sorority Motto: This is typically the most commonly used rush theme. Using a saying or motto that relates directly to your Greek organization is a solid choice because it leaves little room for interpretation or confusion. It can also be combined with the mascot or crest of your organization. In return for this clarity you give up a lot of the innovation or creativity you get with creating a parody of another brand. 

Movie Quote or Pop Culture Reference: These are the most difficult themes to clearly identify with your Fraternity or Sorority. More often then not potential rushes or recruits will see the use of a pop culture reference as more of a joke then identifying it with your particular Fraternity or Sorority. It is even more difficult if the reference, like the popular Anchorman quote "I'm kind of a big deal," is something used so often in the past that it loses its meaning as being a symbol of your Greek organization.

General Phrase or Saying Regarding Greek Life: This theme rivals mottos as the most popular and overused theme category for rush. It suffers from a lot of the same problems that the Movie/Pop culture reference theme suffers from which is overuse in everyday life and lacking a clear relationship between the reference or saying and the Fraternity or Sorority. Some of the most popular Fraternity and Sorority quotes are:

  • [Fraternity/Sorority letters], enough said!
  • Never go against the family
  • The few, the proud, the [Fraternity/Sorority name]
  • Everyone loves a [Fraternity/Sorority letters]
  • Do you know who we are? Your girlfriend/boyfriend does
  • Standing out but never standing alone
  • Go Greek or go home
  • Whoever said letters don't matter never got to wear these
  • Whatever the letters Greeks do it better
  • All I really need to know in life, I learned from [Fraternity/Sorority name]
  • You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything
  • No substitutions....just poor imitations
  • Membership has its privileges
  • When your letters are in front of you, your sisters/brothers are behind you
  • Conceited slogans mean nothing if you don't have the letters to back it up

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