Get the Most from your Rush T-shirt

Posted by Kayla on 5th Aug 2014

Rush t-shirts (or Recruitment t-shirts depending on your organizations rules) are an important tool in creating a buzz and awareness around your organization. A good shirt is the first step in finding the right pledges to help grow your Brotherhood or Sisterhood.

So what is a "good" or "successful" shirt? First of all it should match the theme of your overall rush. Posters, Facebook cover images, Twitter posts, and your website landing page for rush should all use the same theme. As we discussed in "How to Select a Rush Theme" using one theme and set of colors can help create a bigger impact on anyone looking to rush. Everywhere they look they will see the same image over and over again, eliminating the confusion that can happen during Rush Week when rushes are bombarded with Greek letters. It can be difficult to tell one from the other but if you use one theme for everything it will be come very clear to the rush, or potential pledge, who is in your organization and the kind of Greeks you are on campus.

Matching your rush theme is the first step. The second is to make sure that your shirt isn't too cluttered looking. It should be clear from a distance what Greek organization your representing. This can include letters on the front of the shirt as well as on the back. So on the front it may say "ΔΣΠ" and on the back "Delta Sigma Pi" or vice versa. Don't rely solely on your Greek letters because chances are good that not every rush will know the difference between a theta (Θ) and an omicron (O). 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, create a schedule for when you want everyone to wear their shirts. You want to make it clear to anyone who is interested in pledging that your Fraternity or Sorority is a force on campus. To do this create a clear schedule on when everyone should wear their rush t-shirt. For example, the first day may be rush t-shirt, then everyone wears their own letters for the rest of the week and at the end of the week you go back to the rush t-shirt. If everyone is wearing the same thing it makes it clearer the strength of your brotherhood or sisterhood. Make sure that your Brothers or Sisters are sitting up front in their classes too - that way everyone can admire their awesome rush shirt.

If you find yourself unable to think of a great shirt idea or want something totally different Monkey's Work is here to help - drop us a line at for more information on creating custom rush/recruitment designs.